The Young Mind – review


Co-edited by Professor Sue Bailey and Dr Mike Schooter

Published by Transworld in collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, 2009. ISBN: 9780593061381
(cover title: The Young mind: an essential guide to mental health for young adults, parents and teachers).

This helpful resource is worth dipping into and can be read either by chapter/s of relevance or as a whole to inform parents, teachers and young adults. The young mind is designed as a handbook to bring together information by leading British experts. Today, with so much information at hand including conflicting information, it is great to have so many specialists in child and adolescent psychiatry write about their particular area of expertise. In the introduction, the editors describe how the book helps to distinguish between layers of concern and what lies at the centre of a problem. Stages of child and adolescent development are linked with the information.

The book has six parts covering topics such as child and adolescent development; parenting and parenting skills in adolescence; school; emotional health and wellbeing. Serious problems young people experience today are explored such as abuse, neglect and domestic violence, worries and anxieties, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders, drugs, alcohol, eating problems, sleep, fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, self-harm and psychosexual development. Final chapters look at treatments and therapies for children and adolescents in mental health as well as transition to adulthood.

Throughout the book find vignettes, these little stories provide insight and help illustrate themes in various chapters. The young mind is written in a British context and some chapters tie in with British services. The book provides a comprehensive overview with clear text and links to resources in each chapter including some Australian and New Zealand resources.

Other resources surrounding mental health issues can be found in the AWCH collection and are available for loan, they include DVDs such as Family focus: talking together about parental depression and anxietyWhat is… Tourette syndrome? and Play Now/Act Now: Young people and alcohol. Books are available on topics such as ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, depression, grief and bereavement, Children of parents with a mental illness (COPMI) as well as coping with chronic illness. Links to Australian and international online resources can also be found on the AWCH Library catalogue. To find out about borrowing The Young mind or other resources contact the AWCH office or AWCH library. Your feedback is most welcome.


Reviewed by Jillian Rattray
AWCH librarian
October, 2014

Book Review: Extraordinary Parenting

Extraordinary Parenting’  is a helpful manual written for parents who have children with chronic physical or medical conditions. The book is set out in a readable format with clearly presented information. You will find simple illustrations, photographs and a bibliography. In addition, it is written in an Australian context.

Ordinary children are faced with extraordinary circumstances and in the book parents are given psychosocial information to support their children. Topics covered are varied and range from looking at a child’s psychological and emotional world to experiences such as hospitalisation, medication taking, sleep overs and camps or life in the school playground.  Extraordinary parenting encompasses child development stages and age appropriate information for up to early teens. There is an emphasis on raising awareness of what a child and family may be experiencing whilst looking at important emotions such as anxiety, self-perception and depression. Parents are encouraged to focus on their “best intentions” rather being caught up in guilt. Find an abundance of practical information, for example throughout the manual at the end of each chapter, readers will find the heading “Psychological protection : what you can do”.  Children and families can build understanding and develop skills for good self-esteem and resilience.

The author draws on her experience of over 20 years from working children, adolescents and adults in the fields of psychology, social work and literature. Dr Bruce works in private practice at the Emotional Health Centre, Cheltenham, Victoria. Extraordinary parenting can be viewed online in chapter format and/or purchased at:

The AWCH library holds two copies and both are available for loan.

Extraordinary parenting : protecting self-esteem and minimising depressive outcomes in pre-adolescent children who have significant medical or physical conditions (Cover title: Extraordinary parenting : a manual for parents of children aged 0-12 with chronic physical or medical conditions). Emotional Health Centre, Cheltenham, VIC. 2007, 168 p.  ISBN 9780980420609.
By Dr Elizabeth J. Bruce PhD, edited by Dr Cynthia L. Schultz, illustrations by Colin Bruce
Subjects:  Chronic diseases in children – Psychological aspects. Chronically ill children – Family relationships.  Chronically ill children – Education. Chronic disease – In infancy & childhood.


Review by:
Jillian Rattray
AWCH Librarian