AWCH Ward Grandparent Program Evaluation

We are currently evaluating the AWCH Ward Grandparent Program that runs in 13 NSW hospitals.  The focus of this evaluation, is to look at what is working well and what can be improved and built on for the future. 

So far, we have conducted surveys, focus groups and interviews with; AWCH Ward Grandparents, AWCH Ward Grandparent Co-ordinators, members of the AWCH Board and a small number of families who have used the service. 

Once all this information is collated and analysed, we will be sharing it with the team of; AWCH WGPs, AWCH WGP Coordinators and the AWCH staff and Board to make recommendations that will support and grow this outstanding program in the future.

Engaging with Children and Young People in the Healthcare System

We are conducting a project to look at current engagement models and activities with children and young people in the healthcare sector. 

This project will identify best practice in child and youth engagement, as well as gaps in what is currently conducted across the system.  The findings of this project will help us develop a child and young people’s engagement strategy for AWCH. 

This strategy will guide the advocacy work of AWCH in the future, as well as support health organisations to effectively engage, partner and empower; children, young people and their families, to have a greater say in their healthcare as well as contributing to improving the healthcare system overall.

Advocating for the Wellbeing of Children and Young People through Social Media

We are currently reviewing our social media strategy and activity to better advocate for the wellbeing of children and young people in healthcare.

Reducing Radiation Exposure to Children and Young People from CT scans

In 2014-2015, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care partnered with AWCH and NPS MedicineWise to develop a brochure to answer questions parents have about CT scans. A companion poster was also developed for display in doctors’ practices, medical imaging services and early child health services.

In partnership with the Australian Dental Association and other dental organisations, a brochure for parents and carers and a companion poster on dental x-rays was also developed.

These brochures are available at the Health Direct website and Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care website