Questions to ask the healthcare professionals

Questions about the hospital

  • Is there any information about the hospital and ward i.e. booklets, fact sheets, virtual tour or any other pre-admission information?
  • Is there a hospital in the home program where my child’s treatment can continue at home?
  • What are the visiting hours? What time is rest period or bedtime?
  • What time are meals or snacks served? Where? Is there a choice of menu
  • Can brothers, sisters and other relatives and friends of my child visit?
  • Are there child-minding facilities for siblings?
  • Are there any play facilities, play staff, hospital toys, books?
  • Is there a hospital school or teachers to help my child continue with their schooling?
  • What facilities are available for parents?

Questions about medical procedures

  • What does the procedure involve and how long will it take?
  • Can I stay while my child is given medication before the procedure?
  • Can I go to theatre with my child? 
  • Can I stay until they are asleep?
  • When can I enter recovery and who will let me know my child is awake?
  • How long will my child be in hospital? What are the plans for discharge and follow up?
  • What treatment will my child need after the procedure?
  • Who can I call if I need help at home?
  • Is there a hospital in the home program available?

Questions about the hospital stay

  • Will my child and I be included in decisions on their care?
  • What are our rights during the stay?
  • What do we need to take to hospital?
  • Can my child wear their own clothes? 
  • Will they be in a cot or a bed?
  • Will they be confined to bed or their room in the daytime?
  • How many children might be in the ward and what age range?
  • Are there rooming-in facilities for parents? Is there a cost? 
  • Are meals provided for parents? If not where can I buy food?
  • What can I do, or not do, for my child during our stay?
  • Is there a set time the healthcare team will visit? 
  • Is there a nurse who will be mainly responsible for their care?
  • Will a doctor be available for information other than at the ward round?

Preparing for a healthcare experience

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