No Matter What – review

No Matter What
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Boston, Massachusetts, ISBN 9780152063436
By Debi Gliori
This board book will delight you and your preschooler. With beautiful, cosy illustrations and enchanting rhyme and rhythm, “Small” asks whether “Large” will love him “no matter what”? Through repeated questions, Small explores more about love. Humorous illustrations in vivid colour compliment the story “But if I turned into a squishy bug, would you still love me and give me a hug?” “Of course,” said Large, “Bug or not, I’d always love you, no matter what”.
There is warmth and comfort as Small challenges Large to find out whether love can be broken and mended or whether it will disappear when far way. The story is simple and intimate, Small’s questions are answered and Large gives reassurance and hugs.  Young children who are facing separation from their parent or carer may read this book and be encouraged through difficult circumstances. The book will be a great bedtime read for families who want to bring a warm glow to their children.

This book may be borrowed from the AWCH library, Call number 155.937 GLI 1

Reviewed by Jillian Rattray
AWCH Librarian
December 2013